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Immersion (bilingual) School Leadership and Team Dynamics

Our schools cannot be excellent without strong, effective leadership. This four-part course endeavors to enhance the skills of coordinators and school leaders in our immersion/bilingual schools so they are better able to not only deal with the day-to-day of school operations but also build a community of learning and improve student achievement.

Each course will be a four-hour, practical exploration allowing coordinators to leave with strategies ready to use in their schools. The sessions will take place on Fridays from 13:00 to 17:00 at a facility in Campo Belo, São Paulo, SP.

Each participant must currently be employed in a leadership role in an immersion/bilingual/language school. This course is not intended for teachers who need initial training to become a coordinator. We will only accept 30 participants on the course.

Topic Date Time Course Leaders
HR in Schools

Hiring the right educators is essential for the success and health of the school. We will examine:

Hiring practices

The Interview itself

Assessing candidates language skills

Managing systems for day-to-day
26 July, 2019 13: 00 – 17:00 Matthias Meier & Lyle French
Teacher Supervision & Evaluation

How to develop and lead this

Identifying and communicating effective practices in planning and instruction

Teacher observations

Incorporating student learning results as a data point in supervision
9 August, 2019 13:00- 17:00 Lyle French
Curriculum Leadership

Defining what students should learn

Monitoring curriculum process

Implementing or improving curriculum

Language and content mapping

23 August, 2019 13:00 – 17:00 Vanessa Schachter & Lyle French
Assessment Leadership

Examine current assessment practices

Types of data

Guidelines to develop an assessment policy/curriculum
13 September, 2019 13:00 – 17:00 Karen Mattos & Lyle French
R$ 1260.00 for all four courses. Participants must pay for all four, there is no option to attend less than four. Payments may be made in up to three (3) installments.

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